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Countdown continues

Thanks to everyone at work for a lovely send-off last night at the Sloaney Pony. Too much booze and now suffering!
Rob, cheers for everything.

So now it’s time to get the flat packed up, buy the last few things I need for the trip and generally sort ourselves out.

The route is gradually sorting itself out now. At least until Vancouver. After that I’m undecided about whether to go down the Great Divide or stick to the Pacific coast. I’m sure it’ll resolve itself nearer the time.

Now off to solder some dynamo electronics. What could possibly go wrong.

Hopefully this blog will get more interesting when I’ve actually got something to write about. And when the Beard Cam is installed.

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This is a blog about me cycling from Anchorage, Alaska to Ushuaia, Chile.

A roller-coaster of a ride, full of intrigue, excitement and bears! Big bears. Bears with teeth and an unnatural desire for bike tyre rubber.

For those how know me, then this is finally one of Pete’s ‘wacky’ ideas that he’s going to follow through with. The Breakfast Bike never really got off the ground (technical issues with rolling and then baking croissants on the go), the sailing round the world adventure collapsed along with the global economy, and a new design for a portable water turbine was perhaps too ambitious, but I still have high hopes for the miniaturization of animals (first elephants then blue whales). I just need a geneticist with vision!

So here we are. 18 months after thinking a bit of a bike ride through the Americas might be jolly, I’m going to be boarding a plane on the 13th June to Anchorage. Gulp! After all the planning it’s suddenly just round the corner and suddenly very real.

There are now last minute panics about packing everything up and getting the flat cleared out for the tenants. About canceling subscriptions, canceling bills, canceling pretty much everything.

All very exciting, but also scary. It would be sooo much better if Bridget was coming too, but that can’t be so we’re both going to have to suck it up and be brave. Thank God for the interweb. We should be able to keep in touch pretty regularly.

So that’s it for the first entry. I hope it gets a little easier and quicker to write.

Pip pip

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